Sorry for my absence

Big apologies for anyone waiting for reviews of February’s Glossy Box, I promise it’s coming. Work and home life have just been so crazy recently that I’ve hardly had any free time, even doing a simple food shop has been difficult as there is been so much going on. I’m going to be working on […]

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My Thoughts – Contraceptive.

So I started taking the pill Rigevidon a few years ago, before that it was just the standard contraceptive of Condoms. If I am perfectly honest I started on the pill after a pregnancy scare with a previous partner, who insisted on not wearing anything – not something I would recommend to anyone. Personally, I would […]

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Nail Medic – Review

Nail medic rejuvenator – This actually took me a while to try out, mainly because things have just been so manic with work and the coursework that I’ve just not had much free time. However, I had a quiet day at work today so I managed to get some coursework done there and have some […]

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Green tea primer – review

Green tree primer – prep and protect. I’ve been trying the tree primer on Work days, just with a normally everyday drugstore foundation. I’ve tried it with a couple different once’s, spending on what sort of coverage I want that day. I have to say I really do like this primer. It has definitely worked […]

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